Sunday, July 26, 2009

I said that you're a moron, when I said it I was smilin', so you think that I was jokin'

When I was 18 I lived in England for six months in the county of Norfolk. My banner photograph was taken in the small town where I lived. I was doing volunteer work at a respite centre, looking after disabled adults and children. I lived in the attic of the place I worked; there were six of us in that attic. The work was pretty much exploitation- long hours, the worst chores and very little thanks, not to mention no pay. I used to fantasize about packing my bags and leaving without telling anyone, but I felt obligated to stay and put up with it for the sake of the people I was looking after more than anything else. Of all the six-month periods in my life I think my time in Norfolk has had the biggest impact, thus far.

I went back to the town today. I was expecting it to be a bit of a mind fuck, returning to this place after four years. I was really curious as to how I would feel walking around my old haunts. In reality I was incredibly under whelmed; I spent an hour in the town. The place I worked at has been closed down (not surprising) the windows are boarded up and there are years’ worth of weeds. The pub I spent my nights at has a different name. The rest of the town looks no different to how I remember. I walked along the cliffs hoping for some kind of emotion, I played songs on my ipod which remind me of my time there, but forced nostalgia is bound to be weak.

At least I came to one realisation. I have my happiest moments on public transport. Lame.

Photo: David Vasiljevic


  1. ahhh te, when you are 60 you are going to be the wisest fucking person on the planet.

    p.s public transport is oddly enough one of the most inspirational places. trains=good.

  2. I´m always nostalgic and hate hate hate it when places change on me.

  3. I live in norfolk, cant wait to finish college and get out! But i wanna say thanks for the work you did with disabled children, my little brother has respite in a few places around norfolk... i think one is aylshum, and the other is quidinham... did you work around there?

  4. I worked in Hunstanton at a place called 'The Sandcastle'. I am a big believer in the value of respite, for the kids AND their usual carers. Everyone always tells me Norfolk is so 'boring and flat' and I feel like telling THEM to spend 6 months pushing wheelchairs all around it, it's not so flat then!