Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm naked, I'm numb, I'm stupid - I'm staying.

Today was my last day of six weeks teaching English in Cambridge. I felt like a slave half the time, but I can't promise I won't come back next year. I'd have to say that meeting and teaching so many awesome kids has been pretty rewarding. I wouldn't say it has put me off the idea of teaching, but it has made me realise that right now I don't want to commit to a full teaching year. Maybe in January...maybe next year..maybe later. As for Spain. Well. Madrid was awesome, but right now I just feel like the right decision is to stay in the UK for a bit. So I'll be taking Spanish lessons- in Edinburgh. I really want to talk to my friends right now, I need advice about stuff, human interaction stuff..hmm that sounds a bit sus doesn't it? It wasn't meant to..or...

So, I have a train ticket, a few days in a hostel and a whole lot of possibilities. My students keep asking me when I'm going to 'scottyland' and whether I will be 'living under a bridge'. Bless the little brats. No really, I'll miss them and their awesome mistakes like 'I want to improve my grandma' and 'last night I was very boring'.

Today before I left my boss came up to me to say thanks and that he'll miss me. I didn't know how to respond, so I said 'is it because I'm Australian?' and then jumped up and made an A with my body, 'YMCA' style and shouted 'Go Australia!'. He just looked at me blankly having no idea why I had done it. I don't either. Social retardation is a possibility; luckily he just assumed I was drunk.

My photo of Cambridge. The Bridge of Sighs from the River Cam.


  1. The Go Australia! story made me chuckle, very much the same strain of social retardation that I have.
    I work in a library, so there are many chances every day to me to try and improve my social retardation, never improves though, it seems to just mutate, ebb and flow.

    Like friday, somebody I work with was mortified that they had made what they thought could have been a racist remark to me. (I didnt think it was racist by the way)
    So, to make her feel at ease, I told her how I sometimes say to my husband 'dont whup me massa, pleaasee dont whup meh' when he is being bossy.
    Went down like a lead balloon. She just laughed even more nervously and shuffled away.
    Social retardation at it's best from both sides.
    'Go Cornubia!'

  2. HAHA you...flying the flag for the aussies ay? lol

  3. You're such a dork. I hope things work out for you though, you know, so you don't have to live under a bridge... =S

    Sending hugs your way {squeeze}