Saturday, August 29, 2009

They're breaking both my hands, they're telling me to take it like a man. Well, fuck that!

Yes it's me, again. I am happy. I am in Edinburgh. I need to pee but don't want to leave my laptop. I changed my flight, no longer going to Asturias, still going to Spain though.

On a personal note, as personal as it will get on here: boys are fucking annoying.
I am working on the whole 'indifferent' attitude. Do you guys think that in every relationship one person is more powerful than the other? Any kind of relationship: family, friends, person always has the upper hand and the other person either doesn't realise this, or has just accepted it. Just a thought from someone who is always aware when she doesn't have the upper hand and indifferent when she does.

I saw a traditional Scottish folk music group last night with some girls from the hostel, it was very small and intimate and we were the youngest there; during the chorus the men in the crowd would start singing along, and everyone was tapping to the beat of the jigs. Perfection.

Alright, I am starving and am going to venture out of the hostel to find some food. It's my last day in Edinburgh, I might go to Arthur's Seat one last time.

Oh, and to those of you who asked for postcards...they're on the way!

On top of Arthur's seat.


  1. WooHoo!! Postcard <3. LOVE that photo!

    Glad to hear you're happy & a little more upbeat.

    I get what you mean about the upper hand in a relationship, if I think back to my own, the powerplay in a relationship is an interesting, unsaid one. I think I had the power in the last few, didn't do anything about it. The current one, isn't really 'there' yet, but it seems balanced for now.

    <3 Bambola x

  2. totally get what youre saying about relationships never being equal and probably relationships will never be equal but its all about bridging that gap which is way harder than im making it sound!
    its going to be nice for you to be back in spain with all the gorgeous weather and the great nightlife but be prepared to feel very white in comparison to these brown creatures who have spent months on end at the beach!
    hope all goes well for you in spain and im excited to hear all about it! x