Friday, August 28, 2009

You know you would always run from here

So the lost wandering continues. Next week I am flying to Northern Spain. I will be sad to leave Edinburgh, but I miss the busy Spanish streets at night, and I don’t fancy the idea of a Scottish winter. So my plan is…wait for it…. fly to Spain. Yes, that’s where the plan ends. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to see and do in Northern Spain? I definitely want to visit Galicia.

I didn’t even notice that there’s a guy in a straw hat, playing guitar in the kitchen where I’m writing this. I’m starting to like hostel living, it’s nice when you stay in one place for more than 3 days and you’re not in a room with a group of drunken Australians.

A few of the people I worked with in Cambridge have come to Edinburgh while I’ve been here and it has been great to have some company. Someone to take photos of me not acting my age. How does a 22-year-old act anyway? I’m sure it’s okay for them to climb rocks and do cartwheels on nice looking grass.

I slept past the free breakfast today, so I’m eating mints to abate my hunger until I get off the free wireless and head into town to find something to eat.

Why did I book a ticket to Spain? I don’t understand.

Photo: Timothy Barnes


  1. i just read your post about no one reading, but i'm still here, with my mad boy skillz (lack thereof) and complete sympathy about the whole mental travel situation.
    anyway, i'm heading back to the city tomorrow, and i hate thinking about you being stranded at a hostel forever, so if you want to get a coffee or something, let me know.

  2. Hey Te, mad adventuras, no? Vale, you're returning to Spain just in time for the new school year so you'll be able to find job without too much pain. I've been to San Sebastian, which is gorgeous but pijo and Bilbao (well just the Guggenheim), which i hear is a cool city with a cool vibe. I posted photos on my blog a while back. I don't know if you caught them. I hear Gijón has a pretty good, albeit small, job market for teachers and it's beautiful to boot. If you want to sit on big rocks in dramatic landscapes, i hear Asturias is the place to do it. I haven't been yet but it's on my list.
    Anyway, these are some ideas upon which to chew!
    buena suerta!!

  3. Hi girls! Fash: I'm LEAVING tomorrow :( I would have loved to had coffee with someone who could share a few Edinburgh secrets. I'm sure I will be back to this awesome city sometime though..I'm thinking about that how it's spelt?

    Shehani: Thanks for the tips, I have decided to go to the east coast instead, but I am definitely going to the North at some point this year, it was too difficult to find hostels and transport, and with my beast of a bag...well, I'm feeling lazy. I'm going to have a perve at your blog now to see these pictures.