Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please remember me, at Halloween, making fools of all the neighbours

Photo: Tim Barnes

I'm starting a project. The idea is that I mail something every single day. Postcards, letters, gifts...every day! I have been compiling friends' addresses like nobody's business. The project is to make sure each day differs from the one before, lately life seems like a groundhog day...with the exception of the occasions when a student says something hilarious or my flatmates scream at eachother. So if you'd like something from Spain in the mail you can email me your address. I'm not a stalker, but...I'm sure stalkers always say that so I wouldn't ask you to take my word for it, and let's face it...I'm not willing to give anyone my address, so...

On a different note, I've realised lately that the world would be a better place if there were some drug that would put all 14 year old girls in a coma until they reached 15. Where the hell do they get all their 'bitchy' from? Certainly not the same place that sells tact, consideration, respect or objectivity. You can't even say to them 'hey! you're acting like a douchebag, grow up' because they think they're fucking awesome and they won't realise you were right for another 6 years and in 6 years time they probably won't remeber the time when their teacher called them a douchebag. It makes me rather concerned about what I will think about my 22 year old self when I'm 30. Ah, it's all experience - let's get drunk.

I have a couple of friends coming to visit over the next few weeks. I plan on pretty-ing up the spare room with the frilly pink throw over and pretty pink flower sheets which were in the flat when we arrived. Boys love that stuff, right?


  1. i know what you mean about 14 year old girls. they can be so up themselves sometimes but i actually find 13 year old girls the worst really. i think 13 is the age where the get all arrogant and 14 is the age where they start realising there are other people in the world and when they turn 15, ahh perfection! confident but humble! wow! thats such a generalisation! x

  2. when you're 30 you'll probably look back and realize that all the stuff you thought was super important, wasn't all that important and all the worries and anxieties you fretted about were the needless suffering of a younger, more insecure self. i think this happens in cycles ALL our lives. 10 years from now, i'll look back and shake my head and say the same thing: that crap wasn't worth worrying about or wow, i was such a narrow minded snob about such and such.
    14 yr old girls are pumped full of hormones and they are so fixated on themselves and their major super important problems that they don't even see anyone else as human... and this is why i don't teach children or teenagers!! So good luck with that...

  3. Oooh, I'll always enjoy a postcard! (Are you sure you won't give out your address? I'd like to return the favour - perhaps while *I'm* overseas!)

    Kids don't get it til they're older then they look at the next 14yo's and think "there's no way ***I*** was like that"... the circle of life I think *shudder*

    I on the other hand KNOW I was like that. =\

  4. rebecca i totally agree with your comment!!! it's so true!!!

    btw te, i believe that drug is called 'the news'.

    girls that age generally don't give a shit about anything other than their world.

  5. thanks for the comment on my blog bub, i really like your site! that is soooo sweet of you and SUCH a good idea with the letters/postcards etc. might have to take you up on that!

    i remember myself at 14. all of a sudden, i was a bitch, especially to my family. i do not want a teenage daughter

  6. te!! :DD i like that photo... gosh how on earth do you come up with all your interesting post titles anyway? i always run dry of inspiration.u

    anyway i've started the new blog! :D heh have posted a few entries...wanted to get it up and running for a bit before telling more people... but yup i haven't announced it on my other blog yet and just wanted you to know first! this is the new add:


    thanks for sharing with me about how you started your blog and the blog before that too... i would totally have loved to have seen that first blog :) if only to see another side of you that you don't show here! has it all been deleted already?

    anyway omgggg would it be too shameless if I requested for a postcard from spain? :D i'd love to send something to you too... but only if u wouldn't mind letting me know your address too... but are you in a more permanent location now?

    and what made you think 14's the year all girls learn how to be bitchy? xp i think it's just the media. at whatever age they get exposed to it... sigh. i'd like to keep my kids completely above it all but am clueless as to how to do it. i'd like them to know about the joseph g. levitts of their time too...

  7. Rebecca: Are you 15? Haha, just wondering since you chose it as the age of perfection. When you're 18 you'll think it's perfect and then when you're 22 like me you'll think that's perfect, like I do!

    Shehani: Agreed. I look back 10 years and of course my issues then = pathetic. As for the teaching kids/teens thing, I chose this - I just wasn't expecting the total lack of respect from some kids. I think three horrid girls out of 60 students is a pretty decent percentage.

    Bambola: Postal love coming your way! Haha, exactly, I look at these girls and think, 'was that me? surely not'. I might have been ignorant of the world outside of my own little bubble but I would have never been so rude to an 'adult' as these girls are.

    adreamer: Pretty sure the only news these girls are interested in is who is dating who..what and Zack Efron is doing (vomit). Of course, generalising is bad,you were 14 when I started reading your blog, you're always there as the shining example of a lovely early/mid-teen! :D

    Death wears: Well, there is always boarding school for teenage daughters.... ;) Email me if you decide you want something mailed!

    yiqin: :D Thanks, I hope I can keep it up.

    Lynnette: Hiiiii! Your new blog has been added! I am excited to read more of your thoughts. :) I have commented there to answer your questions, oh and the reason I think 14 yr old girls are bitchy, is because I teach them. Pain.