Monday, November 30, 2009

The smell of gasoline in the Summer heat

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau

Well, I've been in Europe for more than half a year - still no desire to return to Australia, much to my relief. At the moment I am a little bored of living in the same Spanish town and working the same job every day (it has been three months, come on!). I like my job a lot, but....I like adventures more. If only money grew on trees. So, I could write about how Ly and I go out to drink, dance, and eye up sexy bartenders every. single. weekend... or I could re-live past travel experiences. I don't know where to start though, so I'd like you to choose for me.

Options are:

The Gold Coast (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)
Norfolk (England)
Cambridge (England)
London (England)
Northern Ireland (UK)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Fort William (Scotland)
Inverness/Loch Ness (Scotland)
Ullapool (Scotland)
Glasgow (Scotland)
Milan (Italy)
Rome (Italy)
Venice (Italy)
Florence (Italy)
Paris (France)
Krakow (Poland)
Warsaw (Poland)
Vienna (Austria)
Dresden (Germany)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)
Budapest (Hungary)
Barcelona (Spain)
Madrid (Spain)
Valencia (Spain)
Granada (Spain)
Sevilla (Spain)


  1. Northern Ireland is good with me! hehehe, but truthfully any story of traveling would be nice. Or talking about the sexy bartenders..what ever! ^.^

  2. go to italy. it just sounds so pretty but germany is also really cool or you could come over to england but nothing very exciting is happening here. its such a hard decision but just choose by seeing where is cheaper or something like that. just go with your instinct and see what happens! x

  3. Rebecca: I meant, choose a place for me to write about - the list is of places I have been.

    A dreamer: Aiight, Paris and Warsaw..Warsaw isn't going to be exciting though, as it deals with the sickly aftermath of Krakow.

    Pinkapplecore: Okay, will start remembering my trips to Northern Ireland for a post sometime soon. :)

  4. well, which one do you want to relive the most? pick a fun one with lots of action, a few laughs and a surprise or 2.