Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stay tonight, and fight the break of dawn. Come tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be gone.

Photo: Geoffrey Barrenger

1. Australia Day was ace, I taught my students some Aussie slang, and drilled them on the correct pronunciation of 'No worries, mate'.Then I went to the Irish pub(where the bartenders only speak Spanish, of course) with my Scottish flatmate to drink Aussie beer (they only stock fosters).

2. Sometimes it's great when decisions you could have never made for yourself are made for you.

3. Dear English grammar, I enjoy inherently knowing you, I hate explaining you.

4. Dear neighbour, you secured your wireless network? Now I can't steal it from you, how unspanish of you!


  1. I love your version of Australia Day. It sounds perfect.

    I agree with number two.

    Thankfully have never had to explain English grammar and hope that stays as such.

    Wirelesss is just different here, cause I'm not in another country and all...

    GREAT choice on song lyrics bytheway! xxx

  2. HAHHHA oh man too bad about the wireless. I totally laughed at the second part of the statement though! XD i totally would like to hear your assessment of the various types of people you've met in all the places you've been to!

    how are you, Te!!!! just to let you know i received 2 of your postcards!! (the came in like the first week of jan i think) :D the first one wasn't signed so i was a little confused haha but thank you thank you so much!! i'm going to start a postcard collage thingy on my wall soon.

    okie it's so late now so gotta sleep but catch up with you soon!!!