Saturday, June 26, 2010

London calling (again? shut up London)

I thought being back in an English speaking country would be nice. It's bloody annoying being able to understand the damn stupid conversations people are having around you.

I promise this isn't going to turn into a food blog, but I have been spending many hours eating, drinking, laughing, talking and reading in cafes.

Pintxos in San Sebastian. Snails. My friends ordered them, the guy scooped them into a bowl, heated them up in the microwave and then handed them over and said 'be careful, I think some are still alive'. It was a joke of course, well I think it was, I don't know since I refused to eat any. The process of ripping snail bodies out of their shell with a toothpick and then eating them doesn't really appeal.

This was also in San Sebastian, we went to a Japanese restaurant and I took a photo of this because it looked cool....and was also very expensive. So expensive that I wanted a solid memory of it once the few pieces of raw fish were gone.

Berlin is cute/alternative/freaking awesome cafe and bar central. I was begging people to go on a cafe crawl with me (like a pub crawl but no alcohol) but my idea wasn't met with enthusiasm. My German friend, Ninhousen - that's not her name, but I like putting housen at the end of everything German- took me around Berlin and humoured my constant need and desire for coffee.

This was a breakfast I had on my lonesome in Berlin. It was lovely. I had good food (coffee isn't very good in Germany) my book (The sun also rises) and nice weather (except for the pollen snow - damn hayfever) and bloody interesting-looking people to watch.

I have so many things to say, so many updates to post, pictures pictures pictures....

Oh, and those who wanted postcards - I have written them, I just need to buy stamps.


  1. feel free to turn it into a semi food blog.
    dude is that a sausage? that red mound of thing on the tiny piece of bread...i feel sorry for the bread. but really i should be focusing on saying AHHH SNAILS EEEW SNAILS, however, the snails look rather good in that picture. (?!)

  2. wow it looks like you have really had some great food. I looks really good, except the snails... i completely agree.

    that or anything alive or raw.. meat wise. It just upsets me.

    can't wait to see more!

  3. Looking at all of this food is making me super hungry!

  4. a cafe crawl actually sounds awesome