Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm more than just an option

In one month I will be back in Melbourne. The adventure will be over, and a new one will begin - one that is probably not very interesting to the readers of this blog. So I think this will be my last month blogging, I did create this blog to document my travels afterall.

I'm still working in England. The routine of teach, drink, dance, write reports - repeat, hasn't really changed much in the past five weeks. I am here a bit longer and then I'm off to Paris for a few days and then Italy until I return home. I was planning on going to Greece, but I have backpacker's fatigue and the thought of lugging my beastly suitcase onto ferries and up hills etc. makes me feel more irritated than enthusiastic. I am looking forward to Italy though - I'll probably stay out of the larger cities and try to explore places I've never been between Florence and Rome.

Well, that was more a boring update than a decent blog post, but that's where I'm at, yo. Shake ya ass, watch ya self...sorry.


  1. *SAD PANDA* :(

    you don't HAVE to give up blogging! But if you do I wish you the best of luck in everything you may come across!


  2. Will you take up normal blogging again? I know I've got you on facespace but I've always enjoyed your writing. That said, I can understand the 'I just don't want to any more' vibe.

    I'm excited to hear about the spaces between Florence & Rome. I'm going back to Italy next year & need to decide where to go!!


  3. Thanks girls, I'm sure I will keep blogging. I just need some new inspiration, travel inspiration has been used up for now.