Thursday, May 30, 2013

With the fire we make, it's getting hotter and hotter

I know this is supremely shallow but one of the reasons I'm not happy in Hanoi is that I can't wear my favourite clothing. I love my Melbourne teacher clothes: dresses, stockings, boots, cardigans, blazers, smart trousers, a variety of scarves. The only exciting thing about clothing here is ripping it all off when I come home for my lunch break. Sure, it's hot but it's the humidity that's the killer. It's like walking around in an invisible sauna. So I have pretty much been wearing the same three dresses on rotation for the last three months and the same shoes every single day. My hair looks like total shit and my makeup melts off before lunch. Then I go down for lunch and it's hot rice, again. Give me a fucking salad, Vietnam. Princess wants her baby spinach and cherry tomatoes.

I have known for years that I am not a 'summer person'. Sometimes, after a long winter, I fool myself into thinking oh, I can't wait for the beach days and to get a tan and to walk around in singlets. WRONG! I then remember I hate summer clothing, sweat stains, and exposed thighs. The only decent thing about summer is siting on my parents' balcony or a rooftop bar drinking mojitos or sangria with my friends.


Stay tuned. In a fortnight I'll be back in Melbourne for a bit and complaining about the cold. At least I'll be able to dust off the boots and blazers.

Photo: The Sartorialist

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