Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music the great communicator, use two sticks to make it in the nature

Sometimes I love my job. Today I was talking to the children I look after about dinosaurs and why they no longer exist. Turned out we didn't need to google as one child was an authority on the topic; his grandparents were apparently killed by T-Rex, back in the day. What I love the most, is that he believes it. It reminded me that when I was a child, the era my parents grew up in seemed like the stone age. I wonder if one day my (future)children will ask me whether cars had been invented when I was their age.

Photo: Geoffrey Barrenger


  1. Life is so simple when you're a child. Everything you need is right there for you. The innocence is beautiful!

  2. they do say the darndest things. one of my little ones i worked with didn't know what broccoli was called and described them as "those little trees".

  3. Why do models always have such fantastic stares!!!

  4. Bam: can I call you bam? It's cute! I agree, nobody understands how I can work in childcare, apparently they never expected it of me because I have such a limited bullshit tolerance. I have to explain to them that children don't really bullshit and I have far more patience for them than adults.

    xs: Haha, that's so cute! Kids are such good value.

    yiqin: I wonder what they're thinking about when they stare like that, it's *fierce* ;)