Monday, March 16, 2009

Can I trust this dialect, to convey the right effect?

Ma grill right up in yo face.
I think I'm losing it; I am the epitome of anticipation. I have over planned everything, right down to which underwear I will take. Oh, and I have a crush on a waiter boy. I go there to see him and then avoid eye contact. Stellar. I'm smooth with the dudes.


  1. Lol, That was kinda funny..You avoid of an eye contact coz u don't want to know him that you have a crush on him..;D
    Well,it's ok.Have a nice day.Great post.

  2. I'm a really big fan of Zero 7.

  3. Pssh, I'm smoother!

    I'm quite the opposite; I like to sit and stare with an emotionless expression on my face like I'm going to stalk them home.

  4. HAHAHHAHA. smile like that at him and he's yours.
    COME TOGETHER!!! RIGHT NOWW.... it's in my head...

  5. if you're smooth, then i am rocky road. boys are like tigers. i like to look at them, but if you take away that fence....i'll run like the wind.
    i wish i was overplanning! i feel very unprepared...