Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, pretending the echoes belong to someone

I wish my flatmates would go out so I could have the kitchen to myself; I am too ashamed to cook pasta with instant pesto sauce in front of Italians.

I had my second 'homesick' day since I left Australia today, I just wanted a hug. I have friends here, but not the type I can just randomly demand a proper hug from- like, 'HUG ME, BITCH -PRONTO'. I have been surprised that I haven't been more homesick, the last time I lived in Europe I often wished I was somewhere other than where I was, maybe back home. I guess because this time I actually have a bit more freedom to choose what I do and where I go, it's different. In general I have been pretty happy in the last few months, my life is the adventure I wanted, and adventures can't always run perfectly. I think things have been falling into place, regardless of how much I stressed about what would happen.

It will be fantastic to finally have a place to settle in a bit in Andalucía. Unpack my clothes, have somewhere to put my toothbrush...have an address for my parents to send my contact lenses to.

Today I wrote a postcard to myself. It was addressed to 'Future Te'. I used my favourite Valencian postcard, of Barrio de Carmen, an area I love. I wrote it in Spanish and sent it off to my parents to safeguard for the future. Whenever I return to Australia, I will have a postcard from Past Te; Hmmm, can you tell I've been reading the Time Traveller's Wife?

When I was 13 I had the idea of writing a letter to myself in 10 years time. The envelope is back in Australia, I cannot for the life of me remember what I wrote, or put in there - it's quite big (and covered with Buffy pictures). I am very much looking forward to the day I can rip it open and see what treasures are inside from my tween self. It's not far off. Hesus, I can't believe that it has been almost 10 years since I was 13...

Photo: Anna Rosa Krau


  1. that letter you wrote when you were 13 is probably very funny. i totally understand about the time travellers wife. its totally messed with my brain! reading that book like it took me a good few hundred pages to actually get the concept of the time travelling and i feel so bad for the people who havent read the book and watched the film because theres no way you can understand what the hell is going on if you havent read the book and also btw i was watching 500 days of summer and it kept on going back and forth and i was thinking like not another one of these films! but 500 days of summer was nowhere near as confusing! x

  2. ahh that's such a great idea! :) writing a letter to your future self... heh are you sure your parents won't give in to the temptation to read your letter though? since they're safe keeping it for so many years...

    hurhurhur buffy pictures!! X) love that

    hope you're not feeling too homesick now though?